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Please contact your local Bank of Commerce branch to report a lost or stolen ATM or Check Card. After hours or on a weekends, please contact Transfund directly:


Transfund 888-263-3370


If you call Transfund after hours or on a weekend, please contact your local Bank of Commerce branch on the next business day for further reporting.


With identity theft and fraud on the rise, Bank of Commerce will be implementing NetSafe. NetSafe is a Multi-Factor Authentication approach to protecting your personal and financial information. NetSafe is an additional method of authenticating a BOC Connection user. While some parts of this will be familiar to you, we have added several additional features and safety checks to ensure the continued safety of your information.

How NetSafe works

  • Collection Process: BOC Connection users establish personal data that is used for authorization to access BOC Connection.
  • User selects three questions from a pre-established list, and provides answers.
  • Users also select a watermark image.
  • Users enter up to four phone numbers for callback to provide answers to established questions.
  • Numbers and challenge questions are recollected every 180 days.

Challenge Process: SafeNet’s rules determine when additional authentication is needed.

  • Risk score based rules are calculated by SafeNet’s algorithm.
  • Additional dollar based rules are available based on services being used. Such as CashManagement with Wire and ACH abilities and use of BOC ePay.
  • Once a rule is triggered, user must demonstrate authorization before the BOC Connection session can continue.
  • User must answer two of the three challenge questions previously established. If successfully answered, BOC Connection session continues.
  • If the user cannot successfully complete the challenge, they are blocked from that method of authentication. A call must then be placed to a BOC representative at any of our branches so the user can be unblocked and then they may attempt to log in to BOC Connection again.
  • User’s can opt to receive an automated phone call in lieu of answering the questions.


Online Functionality

The following terms are actions that users may experience with NetSafe while accessing and working in BOC Connection.

Collection: User selects three challenge questions and provides answers. Premium Plus users provide phone numbers.

Challenge: A rule is triggered, requiring user to provide answers to the challenge questions. Users can opt instead to receive and complete automated out-of-band phone call.

Watermark: User-selected image displays during the login process and on each page of BOC Connection.

Blocked: If a user fails the challenge after three attempts, they are blocked from that authentication method. For example, if they fail the questions, then questions are no longer available to them but they might still be able to try the phone call method.

Out-of-Band: Users may opt to receive an automated phone call to complete the challenge instead of answering security questions.