Merchant Capture

Introducing a Revolution in Banking

A paperless, web-enabled solution that will allow you to scan checks and transmit them directly to us for deposit.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy since Merchant Capture can work on almost any system. There is no need to organize a massive conversion on day one. Just call our product specialist, Penny Chambers, and request a demo or additional information. Once you see how easy it is, all that is left to do is to sign the account agreement and you are ready to deposit into your account

What will this do for me and my business?

Merchant capture can greatly increase the ease of banking for your company when “your local branch” is at your fingertips.

What equipment do I need?

Goodbye separate computers. BOC’s Merchant Capture solution can be completely operated from your existing computer and an internet browser. Our preferred scanner the MagTek Excella STX captures check images in a single pass, making check processing and endorsement printing fast and easy. With its standard USB interface the MagTeck Excella STX can be quickly added to any computer

How do I get more information?

Product Specialist (918) 628-5200
or contact your local Bank of Commerce branch.